Fiona Carey

Fiona was a founding member of the East of England Clinical Senate. She worked for thirty years in publishing and Higher Education, mostly at the Open University. A kidney cancer patient since 2001, she had a lot of surgery and eventually retired from work in 2012 after Whipple's surgery for pancreatic mets. She continues to undergo treatment, but is nevertheless busy.

Fiona has been a very active 'Patient Rep' for ten years now, providing a clear and consistent argument that all NHS service improvement and design should be 'co-produced'; that is 'with patients at the table, right from the blank-piece-of-paper-stage'. She has worked locally, regionally and nationally, and has chaired several campaigning organisations. She is currently heavily involved in the design and planning of the Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital, due to be built on the Addenbrooke's Biomedical Campus.

Fiona also captains a Women's Wheelchair Basketball team in the national league, and is busy doting on her first grandchild.